Deliver Your Java Application in One-JAR™! Copyright 2004-2007 by P. Simon Tuffs, All Rights Reserved.

Manifest Attributes

One-JAR uses manifest attributes to control its operation. The purpose of these attributes is described in the following table. The manifest file paths are relative to the top of the One-JAR archive.

One-Jar-Main-ClassMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MFOptional: specifies the main class instead of looking in main/main.jar
One-Jar-Main-ArgsMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MFOptional: specifies default arguments to be passed to the main program, in the absence of any commmand-line args.
Specifies the main class inside main.jar. You can use the One-Jar-Main-Class attribute instead.
One-Jar-ExpandMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MFOptional: specifies which files and/or directories to expand into the filesystem. This is a comma-separated list of prefixes, e.g. One-Jar-Expand: file.txt,doc/ will expand file.txt, and all files in the doc directory.
One-Jar-Expand-DirMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MFOptional: specifies where to expand files. Default is in the current working directory. Files can be expanded anywhere: system properties are expanded, e.g. ${user.dir}.
One-Jar-Show-ExpandMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MFtrue: show the file expansions.
One-Jar-Confirm-ExpandMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MFtrue: confirm file expansions by the user.