Deliver Your Java Application in One-JAR™!

Copyright 2004-2010 by P. Simon Tuffs, All Rights Reserved.

One-JAR Key Features

The following features differentiate One-JAR from other similar solutions or alternative approaches to delivering Java applications in a single file.
  • Self-contained archives.
    Conventional installers unpack supporting Jar-files into the file-system, then rely on the Java Classpath to run an application with shell script wrappers. One-JAR archives are self-contained, with no potential Classpath problems or versioning problems on target systems
  • No temporary files are created during runtime execution.
    Unlike other single Jar-file approaches (which unpack supporting Jar files into temporary files in the file-system), One-JAR reads nested Jar files directly from the One-JAR archive. This allows One-JAR applications to run from read-only filesystems, and provides much faster startup and shutdown times.
  • Duplicate class/resource safety.
    One-JAR checks classes and resources from supporting Jar files and will warn if duplicates are detected. Such warnings can save hours of debugging puzzling NoSuchMethodError problems etc.
  • Supports Jar-local resources.
    One-JAR allows each supporting Jar file to read resources as if it were the only definer of such information. Other approaches take a "first on the classpath wins" approach to the definition of resources, which can cause problems when resources attributes are used to define commonly used information such as the state of logging mechanisms.

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