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What's New?

One-JAR version 0.97

  • Cleaner class-loader delegation model, allows classes (including main) to be at the top-level of the One-JAR
  • Support for Spring-Framework 3.0.2 and Guice 2.0
  • Support for external JDBC drivers
  • Template application generator one-jar-appgen
  • Default main program arguments
  • Support for JavaHelp
  • Support for Log4j configuration
  • Support for Eclipse, Ant and Maven2 projects
  • All feasible outstanding 0.96 Tracker issues resolved

0.97 Release Notes


One-JAR version 0.96

  • Build automation with Ant build taskdef and scripts
  • Streamlined SDK for quick start
  • Support for MIME content-type based on file-types for URL connections
  • Support for JNI native librarys (e.g. SWT).
  • Support for Java Security Manager
  • Extension of the runtime classpath to allow external JAR files using one-jar.class.path VM property
  • Extensive JUnit regression tests

0.96 Release Notes

One-JAR is pre-release software, hence the release version of 0.96 which is slightly less than 1.0. Consequently, some minor changes have occurred, which may cause minor inconvenience to developers who have used the 0.95 release.

One-JAR, being open-source software, is better suited by a continuous-release model to ensure timely updates. This is handled by building in version information into the One-JAR archives, including the SDK and examples jar files. Any One-JAR executable can be made to dump its release information using a command-line switch:

$ java -jar one-jar-example-0.96.jar --one-jar-version
One-JAR version 0.96-rc5-20070916-1909

If you encounter a problem with One-JAR the first step should be to make sure you have the latest version of the software. The release string corresponds to the release-candidate version (rc5) and the build-time (September 16, 2007, 7:09pm) in this example.

Note: the version you download will not have the release-candidate or build-time in its filename, it will contain (as shown here) just the overall version (0.96).

0.96 Changes since 0.95

  • Some VM properties (which were not publically documented) have changed names to make them more consitent. These are now publically documented, and should not change in future releases.
    • one-jar.jar-names => one-jar.jar.names
    • one-jar.main-class => one-jar.main.class

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