Deliver Your Java Application in One-JAR™!

Copyright 2004-2010 by P. Simon Tuffs, All Rights Reserved.

Build Tree

There are a number of One-JAR Projects in the CVS repository that illustrate various capabilities of the product. The CVS repository can be accessed using the following credentials:
You should checkout the top-level one-jar project, and then the projects next to it to study them, as siblings in a working directory.

It is recommended that you checkout the tag version_0_9_7_RC11 which corresponds to the latest release.

Alternative to CVS

If you wish to bypass CVS, you can access the repository using your web-browser here: one-jar 0.97-RC11

You can checkout the entire project tree using the Download GNU tarball option. Size approx 8MB.


Each of the following projects can be built using Ant. The one-jar project is pre-built, you should be able to build the other projects without rebulding it.
  • one-jar -- The main one-jar project, containing all source and build code for the product.
  • one-jar-appgen -- The application generator: use this to create your own One-JAR project starting-points
  • one-jar-args -- A simple example showing the use of main-program arguments in the MANIFEST
  • one-jar-dll -- An example (Windows only) using native libraries
  • one-jar-guice -- A simple example running the Guice framework
  • one-jar-inversion -- An example which exercises classloader "inversion", where an external Jar calls back into the One-JAR classloader
  • one-jar-javehelp -- An example using Javahelp.
  • one-jar-jdbc -- An example showing the use of external JDBC drivers
  • one-jar-log4j -- An example showing how to use an external log4j configuration file
  • one-jar-maven -- An example showing the use of the one-jar-maven plugin
  • one-jar-spring -- An example showing the Spring framework

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