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Copyright 2004-2010 by P. Simon Tuffs, All Rights Reserved.

Spring Framework Example

There is a One-JAR Spring example in the CVS repository.

With CVS

Attach to the CVS repository using the following credentials:
Checkout the one-jar and one-jar-spring projects, as siblings in a working directory.

Without CVS

Download and expand the following items as siblings in a working directory: Note: these are .tar.gz files, so will need to be unpacked twice to get to the contents.

Building and Running

  1. Change to the one-jar directory and build using $ ant
  2. Change to the one-jar-spring directory and build using $ ant
  3. Run the example using $ ant
  4. Run a JUnit test case using $ ant
  5. Generate an HTML report for the JUnit test using $ ant Examine the report in a web-browser from the test-reports directory.

More Information

Look over the one-jar-spring project, with attention to the build.xml file.

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