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Ant Taskdef

This path downloads the minimal environment needed to work with One-JAR using Ant. An advantage to this path is that the source-code for the Ant <one-jar> taskdef is provided for education purposes.
  1. Download one-jar-ant-task-0.97.jar
  2. Unpack into a working directory (e.g. c:/one-jar-ant):

    $ mkdir c:/one-jar-ant
    $ cd c:/one-jar-ant
    $ jar -xvf .../one-jar-ant-task-0.97.jar
  3. Add the following to your build.xml script:

    <property name="one-jar.dist.dir" value="c:/one-jar-ant"/>
    <import file="${one-jar.dist.dir}/one-jar-ant-task.xml" optional="true" />
    <one-jar destfile=""

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