Deliver Your Java Application in One-JAR™! Copyright 2004-2007 by P. Simon Tuffs, All Rights Reserved.

What is One-JAR?

One-JAR lets you package a Java application together with its dependency Jars into a single executable Jar file.

Who uses One-JAR?

A number of commercial and open-source projects have chosen One-JAR as their packaging mechanism. Since inception One-JAR has had over 75,000 downloads and shows a consistent download profile over time, and is used across a variety of operating-systems

Where is One-JAR?

How does One-JAR Work?

One-JAR provides custom classloader that knows how to load classes and resources from a jars inside an archive, instead of from jars in the filesystem. It discovers dependency jar files based on the internal structure of the archive, there is no custom code required to do this. One-JAR archives can be constructed using Ant or Maven2. Your application can be run using java -jar my-app.jar

Support for One-JAR

An open-source community and professional support are available

Key Features